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No office

"I love cooking. I love everything except going to an office. I hate offices, I would kill myself!" - The woman working in the beautiful hotel in Kampot, Cambodia.

She was this tornado of energy and compassion, with a dash of happy craziness. Not your typical hotel director, and she told us that she was living in Africa with her boyfriend, but she came back to this hotel many times a year, to help and work. She knew the hotel director she said, and she called her "a helpful and nice woman who lets me stay here for free - as long as I work and help with the hotel".

We arrived there in our tuktuk, after a 10 hours bus ride which involved crossing the border from Vietnam to Cambodia, arriving in the capital Phnom Penh, and finding a minivan taking us 3 hours more south, to Kampot.
The young tuktuk-driver (was he even 18 years old yet?) clearly hadn't been this far away from the centre of Kampot (30 minutes drive in the black night). We were let in to the resort-ar…

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